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The RAVEN MTi is a state-of-the-art multitouch DAW and software controller featuring the RAVEN MIXER, a powerful multitouch mixer that can control all major DAWs and a flexible and user-customizable, multifunction TOOLBAR. At the heart of the RAVEN MTi is the most important thing of all Your DAW, right at your fingertips. The RAVEN MTi is compatible with all major DAWs and features a 27”, 6-touch multitouch display, Integrated-Direct-Touch DAW controller software, in a sleek profile that will quickly become the centerpiece of any modern creative audio environment. Multi-touch production console


Slate Raven MTI now available.

I saw the Raven MTI is now available at Musicians Friends for $2500. Did they decide to not include monitoring? Slate - Raven MTi | Musician's Friend

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Chris Lord Alge 'Audio Legends' Mix Course 1: Available Now

I strongly recommend anyone take this with a grain of salt. As a PC Cubase user, I purchased a Raven MTI in October based on similar statements made, on this forum, by Steven. That console is still in the box. There is no current date for the software release. With The Slate track record,...

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How has buying/selling equipment changed since the new tax laws on used gear?

Well I see like this if a raven mti sells for 899 on sale free shipping. A used one goes for 700 plus 50 or 60 for shipping. Tax adds another 60 to 80 bucks to a used item. The difference between new and used is getting smaller to the point that it makes...

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