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One of the key missions of Slate Digital is to give audio engineers access to all the amazing tools that they've ever dreamed of, and for a price that makes them worry more about making music rather than worry about their bank account. But last summer, our friends at Gobbler introduced us to an idea that would allow people to better experience our products and use them more efficiently, creatively, and affordably. Introducing the Mix/Master bundle and Mix/Master/FX bundle. With the Mix/Master bundle, you get every single Slate Digital product, and every single Slate Digital update and future product for $19.99 per month. That's a full arsenal of tape machines, analog mixing consoles, vintage eqs, classic compressors, mastering limiters, and so much more in the pipeline coming soon. And again, when you join the subscription, you don't just get what Slate Digital has now, but you'll get new plugins throughout the year for free as long as you subscribe. Advantages of this new system: Your Plugins. When you want them. Or when you don't. With the Mix/Master Subscription, you can use your plugins when you want. And if you go away for a bit or take some time off from the studio, pause your subscription and save some money. There's no penalty, and you have complete freedom. Reactivating is easy. No annual dues The Mix/Master bundle is a monthly subscription. You don't have to pay a year up front, you can start and stop whenever you want. Collaborate Better So you've just started your song and have your Slate plugins all over it, but want to collaborate with someone else who doesn't have Slate plugins. Well, rather than have your collaborator download a ton of demos and get everything done in 15 days, or buy multiple perpetual licenses that will be expensive, your collaborator can download the Mix/Master bundle and get instant access to your session. Free ilok We use an ilok device to protect our software from piracy and also to protect your hard earned investment. But if you don't have an ilok, you get one free with your first month's subscription. Once you get the ilok you can take your subscription anywhere. You can use your Mix/Master bundle at any studio in the world. New Plugin Updates... free The Slate Digital Development Team has doubled in size this past year, and that means more plugins, faster, and free with your subscription. Slate Digital will release three new plugins when the Mix/Master Bundle comes out. The Mix/Master/FX Bundle So what's the Mix/Master bundle missing? Well, every mix needs a great reverb unit. So Slate Digital teamed up with Relab Development. Their LX 480 is an authentic model of what is considered the most famous digital reverb in the history of music. And for $24.99 a month, you can have all of the Slate Digital Virtual Analog modeled plugins and the Relab LX 480 Complete reverb unit, and all new slate plugins and updates as they come out. Customer Loyalty If you own Slate Digital plugins you're not going to be penalized. You can still purchase any new plugins you want as you normally do, and you'll be completely unaffected. Slate Digital are not getting rid of perpetual licenses. But for Slate Digital customers who want access to more tools on your terms and at a price that you can easily justify, the Mix/Master or the Mix/Master/FX bundle is for you. And to help you get started, if you sign up for the subscription within 30 days of its release, you'll get credited for free months depending on the amount of Slate Digital plugins you have.


All Slate Digital Plugins for 19.99 a month

...incentive, I obliged within 24 hours and there is going to be $200 credit after twelve months of using the Mix/Master bundle. Now I realize that some people may find my presence here and my passion for our products off-putting, but I think a lot of people also appreciate being able to communicate...

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The Slate Digital MIX/MASTER & MIX/MASTER/FX Bundles: Available Now

Steven Just got your email. Will giving my iLok id and trying the new program hurt anything? The only plugins I don't own are the Relab one and the two new modules. Not sure if I want to activate my subscription trial just for those... Will this hurt my current licenses at...

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How much should I charge for amateur recordings?

you have more or less the same level of stuff as every self-recording musician out there. If they want an amateur recording, they can just record themselves. Many of them have far more than '1 year' of experience. confoosed You are going to "stick to demos"? What does that even...

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