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Shure’s SM7 was introduced in 1976 and is available today as the SM7B. The mic began life as a broadcast microphone and was essentially a development on the earlier SM5 model. For the development of the SM7, Shure engineers were given the SM57 cartridge elements (Unidyne III) and asked, without restrictions on size or cost to essentially make it better.


Preamp suggestions, including best affordable options for SM7B

Check out the Radial McBoost. turns your SM7 or ribbon mic into a new beast with more detail. Amazing unit!!! Radial makes serious high quality stuff.

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Best Value Vocal Mic Opinions

...much, much more value for money with a dynamic mic like an sm58, or maybe even a used re20 or sm7, but there are plenty of usable condensors if you look around. In this price range every increase in price will usually give an equivalent rise in quality.

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What's a good audio set up for a small untreated bedroom space?

Hey David! Thanks for the input :) I ended up getting the Oktava Mk012 and it's working quite fine with the portable recorder I bought with it. The set I bought included a high pass filter. The audio recorder I have also has a high pass filter function within it. Would it make sense to use...

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