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The Model 520D dual-impedance, CONTROLLED MAGNETICB, Green Bullet Microphone is especially popular for harmonica pickup. The microphone can be cupped in the hands, used with a Quick Disconnect Adapter (Shure Model A47) on a stand, or boom- or gooseneck-mounted, to suit the needs of each individual performer. It has a sturdy all-metal case and a reliable two-conductor shielded cable. The 520D can be connected as is to high- or unbalanced low-impedance microphone inputs; or it can be connected to balanced low-impedance inputs after a simple internal modification.


Microphone Storage

...Stereo 2 Chameleon Labs TS-1's 1 Sennheiser e609 2 Sennheiser 441 6 Sennheiser 421 Sennheiser e604's 4 Shure KSM32 4 Shure SM57 2 Shure SM81 1 Shure SM56 1 Shure 520D 1 Shure VP88 1 Royer R-121 Ribbon Mic 2 Royer R-122 Ribbon Mic 2 DPA 4011 (Stereo Pair) Yamaha SKRM100 SUBKICK 2 Studio Projects C1 2 Heil PR-30 1 Heil PR-20 1 Audix D6

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Get Megaphone Vocals By PEDAL?

...Shure Green Bullet into a distortion pedal for this same effect. Some things to note though. The Shure 520DX has a volume control on it where the mic connector used to go. So with that mic, you can't put it on a mic stand. The older, and in my opinion...

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Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 vs. NI Komplete Audio 6

...Shure SM57 , Shure PE585's ( matched pair ) hihz mics . The only issue I have had is the Shure 520D hihz Green Bullet harp mic . the gain just doesn't have it for some reason . I have to go into my T.C.Helicon Voice Live 3 X first through it's guitar input and...

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