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Tips & Techniques:Recording Vocals

Everyone has their own method of recording vocals but I think that I have found the most effective method. Some people believe that the best way to record vocals is to have the singer sing the whole song, record muliple takes (tracks) and then "comp" the best bits together into one track. Others work line by line, until the vocalist can get it right, then move on. I have an approach that is a compromise between those two extremes.

I like to work in sections. Say, verse 1, then verse 2, chorus 1, chorus 2, etc. Within each section I'll try to get 3 good takes (tracks) and punch in if I have to. When you work this way, you and the singer can really "zero in" on nailing the pitch and timing. In my opinion, the "heart and soul" should be inherent in the singers voice and built into the song. And, I'm a big believer that studio singing and live singing are as different as apples and oranges. Studio singing and playing should be precise and controlled, with foremost attention given to pitch and timing.

This approach is similar to the way movies are made. They shoot one scene over and over again, and then jump to the next scene that will occur in that location. Then when it is time to edit, they make the different scenes flow together artificially. Live singing is more like theater, where the actors have to perform the story in continuity.

When I am finished recording and have my 3 vocal tracks, I send the singer home. Then, I edit the three tracks into one good track, taking the best bits from each. Once I have an in time and in tune performance, I apply pitch correction, eq and effects. If there are any Cher "Believe" warbles when I apply pitch correction, I know that I have to have the vocalist come back in and do it again, but usually this never happens because this method provides excellent results. " class="inlineimg" />
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Created by AC Long, 24th January 2008 at 06:10 AM
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Last comment by Markie on 29th September 2009 at 10:10 PM
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Old 26th February 2008
Gear nut
charliemizza's Avatar

Smile tracking vocals in PT LE

Yeah, I know - as soon as i get my $ right I'm getting HD 1 at least. Anyway, here's my question:
First off, I do rap/hiphop. So when tracking verses, I have 3 aux inputs, and 6 mono audio tracks. on the aux inputs i put my plugins/fx. I am using an MBox 2 Pro Factory bundle with the plugins that come with it, but i also have some of the "Everything Bundle" - haven't dove into those real heavily, but they sound nice!
Somy question is is my method correct? i read the method off of a producer's blog on MySpace. It definatley warmed things up!

if you have any tips in general, please let me know. if you want to hear my product, i will humbly take critique on the mix. You can hear them at - 701KLIK - ALBUM RELEASE PARTY MARCH 28TH!!!!!!!! - North Dakota - Rap / Hip Hop / R&B - they have been mastered by Winterland Studios in Minneapolis.

thanks forthe thread,and i hope to hear from you soon!!

Old 31st January 2009
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Recording Vocals

If you are recording vocals but you go the drum kits off of garage band ,people don't do this, only do it if you can remember where to sing, sing over the drums and then go over that with guitar and bass. For garage band or any other studio site you can use an audio interface. If your computer doesn't have an input and the input is not big enough you can order an audio interface. You can plug guitars, bass, vocals into them and go into your computer. They usually cost around $100.00 - more or less.
Here are some tips on using garage band. By the way the man in the video is not me.

YouTube - How to use GarageBand (Part One)
Old 29th September 2009
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Markie's Avatar

recording raps on logic

Hey, can someone tell or show me the best reverb setup for rap songs on logic?

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