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Tips & Techniques:How to make a kick stand out more in a mix

If you are reading this, you are probably familiar with general studio techniques (compression, etc.)

Obviously, a compression with enough attack time (if you wanna get technical, do it by the bpm [maybe a 32nd note's worth of attack?]) and release (the same... maybe quarter notes for release time) is common to help a kick stand out.


A technique I use (similar to the other thread here about using a signal generator to fatten the kick) is to duplicate the track, and pitch-shift (I use logic; a built in plugin, often used for vocals) up an octave; on the original track, pitch shift down an octave or a perfect fifth (often these are in half steps, btw, so octave= 13 steps, P5= 7 steps), and mix it to a pleasing level. This plug-in usually works with a wet/dry signal (octaved, original).

The up track will help bring out slaps, while the down track will bring out the sub-freqs.

Just experiment with the idea.


Created by MyBeautifulStar, 1st April 2008 at 09:40 PM
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Old 26th April 2008
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Tried Your idea

Hey Jonathon,
I used a similar idea on a song on my bands newest record I'm mixing. I duplicated the kick and used the recti-fi plugin set like an octaver and bled it in. I liked the result. I thought of the idea after hearing that "Filter" song "Take a Picture". I't sounded like the kick had something like that done to it. I really wanted the Kick in the song I was mixing to stand out Because it has a similiar rythmic feel in the verses. The choruses were a little different because I boosted the whole kit and room mics which started pumping into my waves SSl Master buss plugin and the sub kick still held up blending right in to the live sound of the drums. Although overall i didn't create exactly what i was looking for, it seemed to work well and passed reference in a few different car stereos. So long as the mastering engineer doesn't frown on it. LOL

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Old 22nd May 2008
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thanks for trying it out!

It always helps to have a second opinion on these things. The mastering engineer...

He'll just wanna make it louder anyway. Haha.

Go distort that recording, sir!

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