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Tips & Techniques:Drums - kick drum - poor technique remedy

I don't know about you but a lot of the drummers that come into my studio (even experienced ones) come in and smash their beater into the kick drum so that it actually has two transients. one for the initial hit and one for when it bounces off and hits again. it can sound really ugly.

heres what I do to fix this.

A: duplicate the kick drum track.
B: label one Transient, label two DECAY
C: instantiate a gate on the transient track and key it off the high end. usually exclusively in that above 12 k region.
obviously the attack and release can be VERY quick. make it sound fake. and make sure you exclude the second "bouncy transient" of each hit.
D: take the decay track, first find that frequency range that you usually scoop out, around 270-350 Hz... and run a low pass filter on it around that frequency.

This accomplishes three things.
First it helps give that scooped sound, second it helps define the low end of the kick without ignoring the decay. three it lets you control the ratio of attack to decay.

thanks for reading

Created by EstateMatt, 11th January 2008 at 02:59 AM
Last edited by mw, 27th March 2012 at 03:05 PM
Last comment by m-dub on 3rd December 2009 at 10:38 PM
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Old 11th January 2008
Interesting technique. I could have used it earlier this week as a matter of fact. I'll pull up the session and see if that would have helped clean up the "kick jitters" the drummer unleashed upon me.

I can understand how it happened, the kid had a metal plate thingamajiggy taped on the beater head to get that "Lars" type of sound. I've seen those things work decently, but he had such a light and tight foot that it would bounce 2-3 times each hit.

I pointed it out to him so he could work on getting that technique cleaner. Hopefully when they come in for their full length he'll have that solid. Other than that he was a fine drummer.
Old 15th January 2008
Lives for gear
mr jkn's Avatar
Neat trick! Never thought of it.. thank you! (I say, as I clean up poorly recorded kick-track after kick-track..)
Old 15th January 2008
more poor kick technique - death metal stylee

Collin Richardson the death metal producer told me once that he had a double pedal drummer with one foot that was consistantly EARLY for every hit. To cure the problem he got a bucket, filled it with cold water and ice and made the drummmer put the offending foot in the bucket untill he couldnt bear it any longer - then they would go for the take right away.

Collin said that worked perfectly and got them the drum takes they needed..

Old 16th January 2008
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Sirocco's Avatar

I do this type of stuff a lot on live hip hop drums - it sure is great!

Thanks for sharing the knowledge`!
Old 9th April 2009
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rivalrysound's Avatar

or what also works, using a tone generator at around 60-80 Hz and putting that in as the keyed signal. BOOM!
Old 3rd December 2009
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Bad Kick Technique


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