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Below is a photo of my pedaltrain pro. I have 12 FX pedals, but have some additional space, and some large pedals, so 17 isn't out of the question space wise. I have the One Control Iguana on it as well, that let's me choose 5 separate loops with one or more pedals in the loop. This makes changing FX much easier. But above that, if you bypass all pedals and turn all loops on, you can hear how much tone loss you get. IMO, a bypass loop pedal is essential when using more than a few pedals. I do have more pedals, but rotate them onto my two boards as opposed to having them all on one huge board.

Very nice choice of pedals man. I dig that chain you have set up.
I love switching units but more expense for me and I do not need it so much. I do not use a lot of complex combinations myself which call for presets.
Proper use of bypass and buffer pedals makes for no signal loss or cap loading. It is just physics. A good buffer simply renders all pedals after it invisible to the chain loading degrade also long cable runs. Where to place them is an art and having too many buffers is a worse problem than a lot of bypass pedals which are easily dealt with. Too many buffers requires a by pass loop switcher to get them out of line. A large chain with a cascade of one buffer into another is just not a cool thing. Certainly the best rig is having things off in bypass loops so when they are off they are out of the signal path. Setting one of those up can be a monster and one needs a billion cables.