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wow, 100% so its cheaper just to get that Ningbo brand? and have you tested the kam cabdy, with phantom power non the less, a few of friends like the specs , but have not tested it , im in the market for my first ribbon for male vocals mostly
...first, Ningbo is not a brand, they are a cannot buy retail from them...they supply brands like those you referenced...

...secondly, I prefer passive-ribbon mics myself, (the mic you refer to is an "active" ribbon, meaning it has a built-in preamplifier circuit)...IMHO, the inexpensive active-ribbon mics I've tried did not sound as smooth and natural as the passive-ribbon mics I've used...but with a passive-ribbon mic, it is necessary to have 60-65dB of clean gain available from you mic preamp...if not you can buy "The Durham Ribbon/Dynamic Mic Buffer Amp" which will add 20-25dB of clean gain to your preamp to be used with any passive ribbon/dynamic mic:
Microphone Parts : Cathedral Pipes Microphones

...the mic I prefer on male vocals is this "long-ribbon" mic:
Cascade Microphones Victor Long Ribbon Microphone 100 B&H Photo

...more info here:
Cascade Microphones Victor |
Chinese ribbon microphone buyer's guide | recording hacks