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Say where do you use the Q-Tron? I love envelope filters myself. Had a bunch of them. Recently got into the Xotic RoboTalk2 and I love that puppy. Internal DIP adjustments make it really adjustable plus two independent and different voiced filters in one pedal. I put my Whammy V in front of mine to get some cool 8va,4ths/5ths harmonizer stuff just kills. Funk city.
I use the Q-tron and Multiplexer together for bass synth sounds, often with the pollinator fuzz. I also sometimes use it for leads. It works well after the pollinator, as I can use my volume knob to clean up the fuzz a bit, dialing in just the right amount of envelope swell.

I also have a Q-balls:Riddle, which has some additional features, particularly attack and decay control. It is much smoother sounding, but is larger, so I keep that on my bigger studio board. It can also get some speaker blowing lows when dialed too aggressively.