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Old 22nd March 2014
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Made a couple routing changes on my homemade board. Adding a new Xotic Robotalk2 required some repositioning for the best tones. There are a lot of pedals here but one has to consider they are for multiple chain configs usually only a couple will be on at time. Just for colors to alter the tones and overdrive voicings.

This is a 4'x2' figured birch 1" ply using premade 2x2s for bracing and 4"tilt.
These puppies are so easy to make, perfect board for me and I did not have cut a single piece of wood. Used Ebony stain on this one which is much better than paint. If you peal off a pedal to move it the velcro does not pull the finish off. The bottom was sealed with the red walnut danish oil I use on my guitar builds. Super strong waterproof wood glue fuses the pieces like one.
Shelf is a prefab smaller piece I just found other pieces for the right height, made no cuts, no drilling, no hassle. Love it. Best one I have made yet. Cannot buy a board big enough to suit my need to have pedals where I can reach them easy and room for any future growth. Added a 2nd PP2 this time around.
Thought about routing the power feeds from under but makes for a lot of holes that might change and can't see hiding my bricks, nice looking rascals.

Here's the chain, I like knowing these things for ideas, so maybe someone else can use the info. I know I like knowing what the pedals are as I cannot always make some out on other boards. Worked on these positions to make sure everything can stack and interact for the best options.

Whammy V(bypass & polyphonic) >> Xotic Robotalk2 >> Fulltone OF2 (fuzz dwn 8va on) >> Wampler Compressor (used to hold dwn the spike levels on the filters) >> Korg Pitchblack tuner (where you put a tuner is of no matter-bypass) >> Lovepedal custom black Amp11 (placed here for more options, love the COT50 boost on this) >> Fulltone DejaVibe MDV3 >> Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah >> Lovepedal silver Kalamazoo >> PCE Klon >> Lovepedal custom OD 11 >> Wampler Ecstasy(Euphoria) OD >> Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe >> MXR EVH Phase 90 >> Radial PB1 (used for end chain buffer)
tc Electronic X4 Delay/Looper(in stereo effects loop) - (MIDI controller for rack unit, custom Griffin Pedals on/off for Lexicon unit)

Whammy V placed before Robotalk envelope filter to get some really cool hamonizer filter wah/whack. Very cool. Can set it on 8va dwn for a funk bass wicked tone. Using the Compressor as a spike limiter for the Whammy harmonizer, envelope and ring mod octaver on the OF2. This works so much better.
Worked on adjusting the internal options on the Robotalk2. For me, as I do not have a ham fisted hard attack I set the input buffer pad to both off and each filter freq adjust to up on the second switch. This kills for me. You cannot find anyone really talking about these internal switches so I went through them in detail today optimizing the unit. A lot of fun to play. Best envelope filter I have ever used and there are two independent filters in one box. Some do not use these or like them but man if you get them set right makes for some unique wicked funk tones. A lot of drives but some are stacked and maybe only 2 on at any one time. Just for colors and versatile tone changes. Love this board, just a hoot to play as it can range any style of tones you can imagine.