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Lives for gear
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I've been watching some videos and what I'm really digging is is the Big/Tight switch which seems to allow you to not only fuzz out but also a TASTY overdrive/distortion. Seems pretty versatile which means a lot to me. I don't like having a lot of gear, kind of a minimalist.

There are two things I love about Wampler Pedals, they have a sense of transparency where the guitar retains its sense of identity and they are loaded with option switches and variants, they have the widest range of tones I have ever experienced in a pedal. Like my Ecstasy(Euphoria) drive, 3 separate diode config arrays in the same drive plus real tone controls that really have a wide range of adjust. Love everything I have ever gotten from Wampler.
I have not used much in the way of fuzz for a number of years, I prefer the more refined and articulate voicing of distortion units but fuzz can be fun and the newer units these days can sound really great. I have heard good things about both the Wampler fuzz pedals. I love their high gains and overdrives. He makes a killer chorus and delay as well.
Having few pedals makes life easier for sure. What I like about my rig is I can render any sort of tone I can imagine to play to whatever mood I might be in. With such infinite options it exceeds my ability to overcome its options at any given time.
When you are actively with a band you sort of have to tailor your pedals to fit the range of the music. When I was with my band there were a lot of pedals I could not use in the context of what they were into. Plus easy setup is what it is. I was never a plug in and play guy I did not mind setting up my gear as I made the basic connections easy to break down, had to carry or wheel in some stuff but when I took their heads off later on it was worth it.