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very appreciate of your reply, but I really want to know how Mr.Faulkner record a piano
You might want to try PMing TonyF on here. If anyone can answer your question, he can. If he's around. He's usually quite busy and not here very often.

In the meantime, and bear in mind that this is one piano recording in one specific set of circumstances so in no way suggests that this is the only way in which Mr Faulkner records a piano, you could have a look at:

I don't know whether the three pairs were for comparison, to achieve a specific effect, or were mixed for the final balance - perhaps TonyF might comment if he spots this when passing through with a minute to spare. Of course, there may be other mics, not shown in the pics but knowing his preference to get a balance from the right mics in the right places rather than 30 mics in the wrong places, I doubt it.