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Originally Posted by role24 View Post
thanx again! great work.
if you don't mind , what gear did you use for processing these kits?
Thanks, no I don't mind at all.

After the sounds had been captured with the chains I previously listed they stayed in the box - Pro Tools 10. I considered using analogue outboard but after experimenting with some plug ins I realised I didn't need too and that I would be mixing out the box at some point anyway.

So, for the subtractive eq to get rid of the nasty resonances etc. I just used the stock Digi/Avid eqs.

For sweetening I used the Maag eq4 which sounded great for a bit of air and low end thud. I now want a few channels of the hardware versions!

To shape the transients and decays I used a combination of Waves C1 noise gates, the Sonnox TransMod, the SPL Transient designer plug and the Waves Trans X plug.

To add colour, crunch and warmth I used BX Saturator, Soundtoys Decapitator, Digidesign Lo-Fi and Cranesong Phoenix in tiny amounts. Lo-Fi also did some sample rate reduction to filter stuff down.

The different microphones were time aligned to tighten the attacks and all of the tracks were sent to an auxiliary buss with Waves L1 and the McDSP ML4000 multi band limiter which I used to boost certain frequencies depending on the individual sound. Both plugs were employed to increase a little gain.

Then the master buss had Waves L2 on it, again just to increase gain without destroying transients.

I hope this explains things, let me know if you have any other specific questions….