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Old 25th September 2002
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I'm just wondering, what amazing sounding rock records have been entirely inside a DAW?

I can get a little carried away reading too many posts and not spending time listening. Last week I hung out with a great mastering engineer thats worked on a lot of my favorite records. We were talking and I was telling him how I had recently gotten a trident 70 console, but hadnt started mixing on it yet because I dont have any quality converters and only have 8 outs anyways. He advised I try both and see what I thought. I totally chose summing 8 channels of bad converters thru a decent desk then doing it all in PTle. Take away the plug ins, add more and better converters and I dont see how anyone can think mixing in a DAW can sonically compete with an amazing console with good converters and outboard.

I totally understand mixing in a DAW for other reasons (recallability, especially when working with people that dont know what they want, and end up adding more stuff after they've heard the mixes, or if you're working in a room where you cant trust the sound which is my situation). But if sonic quality is your only concern I dont know how anyone would choose a PT mix.

I mix in a DAW everyday for a bunch of reasons, but its never for the 'sound'. Even though I get totally usable results that everyone seems to like.