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Old 7th March 2014
Here for the gear

Hi, new member too.
My 8282 mkII is the firewire one, having the same crackling problems for years, first on input 1 and later on input 2, first on some positions and later on the whole range.
Right now, I'm back into recording in my home studio and thanks to LeeYoo I have my 828 almost in shape.
I did the pin thing 100ohm/1000ohm for input 1 and for input 2 I wired pins 1-3 and 2-4.
My doubts are:
-Wiring pins 1-3 and 2-4 makes a full gain increase? (Because if you wire pins 1-3, then pins 2-4 should be wired too)
-Pins are numbered looking at the 828 starting on the left, right?
I use both inputs for microphones, so the 330ohm/3k3ohm or any other low gain combination is not suitable for me.
Now my 828 sounds clear.