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Vertical or horizontal slats on the front wall?

Hello Boggy,

I have a large 150x200x30 porous absorber (Caruso IsoBond with an internal metal plate resonator) on the front wall between the two speakers.

The sound is a bit dead, but I read here on GS that your binary MLS pattern, which I like, works better when the entire front wall is covered with porous absorber, which is not my case.

I thus decided to use slats with the 534 sequence pattern. My question: between the speakers is it better to have vertical or horizontal slats on the front wall?

I saw pictures for both choices, and I know how their 1D diffusion operates but it is unclear to me which are the advantages of each choice.


Edit: The topic of vertical vs horizontal slats is addressed here but mainly for side walls Horizontal versus vertical slats. While most agree that vertical slats are better for side walls, there is no explicit agreement for the front walls. I would opt for horizontal ones but I have no clear argument for that.

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