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You'd never think a C1000 would be the star of a session, but it was Maynard's choice for vocals on the Tool "Undertow" sessions. It had a sparkly top-end and Maynard could rough-it-up when he sang. I wrote a "Gear Stories" column in Mix Magazine about the C1000 and how we wrapped it up to reduce handling noise. You can read about it here:

Sylvia Massy Mix Magazine Gear Stories

Gear porn and art, but I repeat myself-akgc1000-copy.jpg

Ya never know what might work on a session, and you need to keep your eyes and your mind open for any possibility. For instance, who would have thought that one of those little Marshall micro-amps would be the main sound of the Spiderbait "Tonight Alright" album? Jeez! The mic is bigger than the amp!!!!

Those 60's Airline, Supro and Silvertone amps are extra special too. They can still be found in yard sales and in garage storage spaces around everywhere. Never poo-poo a crappy little noise-maker!!!

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