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Old 3rd March 2014
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Allen & Heath GS-R24 MIDI - using external keyboard


I have a new Allen and Heath GS-R24M, and I'm have 2 issues I cannot figure out.

1. No matter what combination of midi input and output I use, I cannot get my Yamaha midi keyboard to work with a virtual instrument in Pro Tools or Cubase. No MIDI seems to be passing through the board into the DAW. The DAW recognizes the board and it's midi just fine. Faders work, MMC works, just no virtual instruments via the midi in/out in the back.

2. When I hooked up a second device to just use it's midi instead, now I get a dang strange dinging noise when a key goes up - it happens every time!

What is happening! Can I not use this as a regular MIDI device? I'm stumped and I'm under the gun and need to have it working by tonight.....

Anyone out there have any suggestions for me?