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Old 24th February 2014
I won't say I hate it, but I find very little of it inspires me. I grew up appreciating intelligent, conversational topics. Rap seems to always focus on ego stroking: "I gots money, babes and guns". Driving around with a posse, but in reality, they're probably paid actors, rented cars, and clothing from designers just for advertising.
To see how obvious it is, watch an amateur rapper to see what they aspire to be. I saw on Tosh.0, a white kid waving his gun around, talking about how he had sex with every woman in the world, and he owns 400 houses. That's what rappers hold as inspiration; material wealth and power over others. A statement of how humans are evolving incorrectly, and rap helps to perpetuate it.

Then there's the education aspect. If a young, black teenager chooses to be good in school to become a doctor/lawyer/engineer etc., his peers ostracize him; "You losing your culture. You wanna be white?".
So, in order to be black, you have to be an uneducated thug with a poor grip on the English language?

To me, GOOD MUSIC has always been a balance of interesting melody and interesting rhythm. Occasionally, a good song comes along that's mostly rhythmic, or mostly melodic, but gravity always returns the balance.
Rap is primarily rhythmic, with the exception of a looped 4 or 8 bar pattern, or they 'borrow' the melodic hook from an old, successful tune.

I have liked many rap songs, but I see it as attempting to delay mankinds' intellectual evolution.