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Old 24th February 2014
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I really, really dislike the whole "ghetto" aspect to it. I understand its' roots are in the dirty urban streets, but when sheltered suburban kids who couldn't possibly understand those struggles (I was a sheltered suburban kid myself, so I'm allowed to knock em') start walking around with that same attitude, THEN I have a problem. It's one thing for them to enjoy the music, I have no right to slam em for that. But when I was growing up, I went to school with this group of upper class kids who discovered rap music & hip hop culture and started pushing their tongues out harder when they spoke, started sagging their jeans and wearing ratty clothes, you get the picture.

It's the classic tale of the fans ruining it for everyone.

Is it a legitimate art form? Absolutely, without a doubt. Is it horribly misinterpreted by many people? I'd say yes.

There's my two cents.