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I grew up making hiphop in the 80s on a 8 track tascam reel to reel and a ensoniq ESP-16 and , loved it. I was 13 years old and lived for it, we spent everyday making music. Then I started learning how to play instruments and feel like I advanced in some kind of way.I can not stand rap now days. It is nothing but marketing tool and reminds me of some creepy uncle you try to keep away from your kids. If people opened their eyes and thought form a minute "WHY", no matter what answer you came up with, it would not be good. This is all just my opinion and thought it would be relevant because I started my music life with rap, and kept at it for over 20 years. I think another reason I dont care for it anymore is because IN MY SCREWED UP HEAD, I hear no more talent in the hits than I do from the kid down the street, hes just not as lucky. I know someone will start with the " it takes just as much talent" argument, and maybe they are right, I am just giving my opinion like you asked for. I was around 16 when me and a friend put together most of MC breeds hit together, Leroy Mcmath came to my dads studio with breed and we went right to work, I was supposed to work on this group called "the school girls" first single "ring my bell" that Leroy had signed after breed...but I got in some trouble and was sent away for a bit. I only bring this up because I want you to know that I am not someone that just hates rap and is biased...I used to love it, and I miss it!

EDIT: I am thinking rap/pop music....I love me some Immortal Technique...yes I am a crazy conspiracy theorist.