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Old 16th February 2014
Oh jeez, see what happens when I start writing without my first cup of coffee? I re-read the question and it asked about recording technique for acoustic guitar!

Well, time to make my third cup of espresso and check my email again... (haha!)

When recording a fingerpicked acoustic guitar I will often use a U47 Telefunken mic into the Universal Audio 175b, set on soft compression, just enough to bring up the quiet stuff but not so heavy as to make the strings sound spiny or prickly. I generally do not use a stereo micing technique on acoustic guitar. I place the single mic close to the guitar, in front of the sound hole up near the high frets. I generally will use an acoustic guitar that does not have electronics in it. I have not yet found an acoustic guitar pick-up that does not sound plasticky. The exception was on the Johnny Cash sessions, when Johnny sang at the same time. I needed that direct sound to reinforce the acoustic recording. His booming voice would always take over the guitar mic.