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Old 15th February 2014
Well, I'd start by making a cup of espresso, with steamed soymilk with a splash of real vanilla. I haven't had a drink in 24 years, so the vanilla is as close to a shot of alcohol for me these days... then I'd sit at the computer and check email while the engineer waits for me to wake up and tell him what we are gonna do with this dang guitar part.... okay, okay, here I come...

Clean arpeggiated electric guitars? The way to make the intricacies audible is to turn down the gain on the guitar amplifier. I'll often keep the same exact set-up for clean guitars that I use for heavy guitars, controlling the amount of aggression at the amp. Sometimes I'll drag out my Matchless DC-30 combo for special clean electric features. It has a beautiful round bodied color that helps give picked guitar performances extra shimmer.

Wait a second, did I even drink coffee before I wrote this answer? 10:54 in the morning, jeez this is way too early for a studio rat.