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Old 13th February 2014
Wow, things have changed. In 1994 I was dependent on record labels and musician managers for jobs, now work comes directly through social media or through my website.

I used to work in commercial studios, now I almost exclusively use my own facility. Up at my place, it is paradise. All my favorite stuff is there. I am most happy about this because no hired studio had the "perfect" ensemble of equipment anyway.

I used to travel to work on mix projects, now sessions and mixes are sent back and forth easily with file transfer services. No need to travel. Long distance mixing is a major source of income for my business. For that reason I don't need to live near a metropolis with mix studios. I can live out in the woods.

Big budget projects are scarce today as compared to 1994, but quality of life is way better, and for that reason and quality of my music production is also way better. The trick is keeping overhead low. Sometimes hard to do when you want to keep up with technology and love gear the way I do.

Just today I found two broadcast consoles available for tradeā€¦. not anything I really need but what the heck, sounds like something I could have fun with! On my next project, we might just record the whole thing through an old RCA radio console! Would a record label allow that to happen back in 1994? Probably not with their money.

So, the Digital Age and the Information Age has given us all incredible freedom. Studio recording is no longer an exclusive club for well-connected producers and musicians. Anyone can be a star! Maybe not a "super-star", but a star none-the-less. And that is okay! I think back to editing 2" tape and listening to cassette refs in the car... wow, how did we ever do it back then?