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Hi Jeronimo,

for what it's worth I'll let you have my opinion on Behringer.

Do I think that they make great audio equipment ? .... NO

Do they offer value for the money you pay for it ? ..... YES

there ... simple as that ... now the explanation why ...

Behringer is one of those brands that give people the chance to start with a career ... be it as a musician / or a recording engineer or whatever .... in general it is very cheap and for what you pay for it .... you get good value. Nothing more ... nothing less.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that .... I've seen numerous people start out with behringer and the likes .... setup a small homestudio and get creative .... and that's what it all comes down to .... what you do with it.

Can you make a record sound like the latest Steely Dan with that desk .... I doubt it .....

Can you make it sound at least as good or better then a lot of stuff that I hear that is supposed to be mixed on big desks or big ProTools systems ..... yes I think so ... depends on what and how you do it.

Now for your questions :

Will the pre's be a step up from your tascam 2524. I think you should decide that for yourself.

One good advice though .... if you're on a budget and you want to start building some nice equipment together .... try looking at alternatives .... and ask yourself questions doing that.

for example .... do I need a lot of pre's at the same time. I often run into people needing no more then 2 ... maximum 8 pre's at the same time. There are some great sounding budget 2 channel pre's out there and even 8 channel ones.

If for example 9/10 times you use 1 or 2 channels at the same time .... go for a good 2 channel one.

I see in your info that you use a digi 001. Well those pre's aren't the worst ones around for example and you can allways improve your sound by looking at other AD possibilities .... Rosetta / RME stuff / Lucid .... etc etc ....

you want faders .... I bet a motor mix gives you more automation possibilities for mixing ... do it inside PT ....

outboard compressors ??? .... there are some great deals to be made out there .... second hand / ebay / ....

Maybe you can tell us what it is you want to do with it ... and I'm sure there are other opinions about all this.