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Old 3rd February 2014
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Hey, Sylvia, thanks for doing this!

When I first listened to One Hot Minute, I cranked my stereo in the beginning of Warped. My tendency for dependency... and then, BAM! And I almost fell of my chair.

How do you think we could reproduce that kind of impact today, in this over-compressed/limited-in-your-face modus operandi we're going through?

That album guitars are so throaty, do you remember how the tone was achieved in Walkabout's solo(I love the panning on that)?

I could go on for hours, but just one last question:

What's happening on the vocals on the left channel of Coffee Shop, the la la la la part? I dig that so much, the tone and how it blends with the guitar's distortion.

Being born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I still remember my friends expressions when I told them the album featured a crying "cuica" in one of the tracks, love the brazilian percussions you guys used.

And if I were Dave Navarro, I'd be the one thrilled for singing by your side.

Thanks again, you're an inspiration!