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You mention the Plexi and the Pitbull and two different common speaker types.

Any other favorite amp-speaker combinations that you found magical?

I've concentrated mostly on the sound source, Amps, Speakers, Cabs.

I've been testing a bunch of amps and speakers over the last few years, finding three particular speakers to work exceptionally well together in blended pairs.

Original 8 Ohm 200 watt OEM EVM12L blended with a Fane Medusa 150-C
I'm also blending a Fane 150-C with an AXA12 AlNiCo in an oval back hardwood cab as my Brit Jangle Box.

The EVM-12L + Fane AXA12 blend also works very well.

Just wondering if you've had any experience with these speakers?

You've totally spoiled us here!

Thank you so much for your time.