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Old 31st January 2014
Hey Sykvia,

Great to have you here!

Funny you should talk about the Duality, as I was just curious about that board. Many people still seem to prefer older series like the 4K for heavier, rock stuff. But you, apparently, are loving the board? So for instance if you had the money to buy an SSL 4K or a Duality, would you pick the Duality over the 4K? The Duality probably doesn't have that classic 4K crunch as much , but it's modern, less power consuming, and not as prone to give up on you in a long time. What are some things you love about the Duality, and what are you missing? Can be sound-wise as well of course. Also, have you every worked on an AWS?

Enjoy your stay!

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Hey All,

Sylvia here, just returning to earth from the frozen planet called Toronto, in the galaxy of Canadia-eh. Great session, mixing on a lovely SSL Duality at Phase One Studios. Even though it plugs in a regular wall outlet (so pedestrian) I think I actually love that board!

Mmmm, a bit wiped out after the long flight, but thankfully I'm absolutely STOKED to get to do this Q&A here with all you like-minded gear critters! I'll answer a few tonight before I put myself to bed and count wooly analog pre-amps until I fall asleep.

So then, see ya' all in the morning, eh? I mean, right?