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Old 30th January 2014
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Krk ergo not working

Dear All,

I found this thread this afternoon when I too had a problem caused by updating the firmware in my Ergo unit to 1.24. Basically it tried to do it and it then gave an error message which left all the lights off except that surrounding the knob.

No matter how much I tried to reinstall the firmware the ERGO seemed dead - accompanied by a slight dead feeling in the pit of my insides.

Anyway - the previous message very helpfully pointed the way forward. I didn't have an earlier version of the firmware - but I did find one mentioned here:-

Upgrading KRK ERGO |

and it in turn points to an earlier version of the firmware updater file here:-

I initially tried to install this on my Windows 7 laptop but I got a whole new series of error messages - but at least they were error messages and I was not just being ignored in the way that the later updaters 1.23 and 1.24 actually did.

Its says in the KRK documentation somewhere (can't remember where) that any laptop should have a firewire port with the right sort of chips inside - and that the update will fail otherwise (very helpful - particularly if its going to trash your equipment with no way back!!). This made me think - and I switched on an ancient 2005 vintage HP Windows XP laptop that was in the cupboard. I looked at its firewire chip set (Devices - show devices) and found it was made by Texas Instruments - exactly the usually recommended chip set for audio application.

Anyway - I loaded and ran the ERGO application from the original CD - and not a later version as these seem to be more picky about whats working or not (too much error checking I suspect - you can be too helpful sometimes!). This was to install a working firewire device driver for Windows.

I loaded the Ergo firmware driver 1.10 (from above) and ran it. Lo and behold - it found the device and asked me if I wanted to update the firmware. I answered yes and the lights on the ERGO magically came on.

I then repeated this procedure of running the firmware update for 1.23 and 1.24 in sequence.

NOTE: It seemed to be necessary to reboot Windows between each installation. I'm not saying it is vital - but I found it best and allowed Windows to sort itself out.

After this I installed the latest 1.51 ergo application program and will recalibrate. Hopefully, this will go without any more problems although I will use my ancient Windows XP machine which will probably now have a guaranteed future.

Anyway - I hope this is of some help to someone and thanks to the forum for helping me sort out my muddle.