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Old 30th January 2014
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lately i have been spending a lot of money on vinyl. now that i have a decent turntable (a pioneer 510a and a good phono preamp (advent model 300) it is a joy to listen to vinyl in my control room. especially when Im taking breaks from mixing or just chilling in my studio. its great to a/b my mixes with vinyl.

I'm starting to consider digital to be so worthless. I'm drawn to the ability to physically touch and put on a vinyl record. even to put on a CD is better than to play a digital file off my ipod. that said I am extremely grateful for the digital technology and am fully embracing it, however there is a treasure trove of information in all of these vinyl records that are collecting dust and i think people are losing a sense of what makes records so important with the flippancy with which they regard these dusty record collections.

I am just now arranging for my mother to ship me from her home in chicago to my home in nyc her personal record collection, which includes records she had growing up as a kid in the 50's, lots of essential records from the 60's (dylan, beatles, the band, leonard cohen, the stones, zeppelin, fleetwood mac and more) It was those records which were sitting in a box in our family linen closet that forms the basis for much of my worldview of music. I have a personal connection to these records. They were important to my mother during her formative years in the 50's-60s and in the 90's when I was a high schooler in my bedroom they were important to me, i dragged those records out of the packed away boxes and discovered them and had my own personal connection with them, and they can continue to live on as records and as physical objects.

There is such incredible power in this ability for this music to be passed down from generation to generation. The physicality of vinyl allows for it to be an object that is passed down as an heirloom. Digital music does not have this same sort of multiplying nature. It does not serve this same sort of lifechanging end goal for the listener or the artist.

Vinyl has the same tactile appeal as a piece of gear. Vinyl is to gear as digital downloads and streaming music is to plugins.

Much like you won't see people be nostalgic about plug ins 20 years from now, you won't see people be nostalgic about their experiences with digital downloads 20 years from now. This represents the hollowing out of the culture. This is not something to be celebrated.