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My vinyl story is not past tense. I like vinyl because I think it is the best sounding format, overall, to my ear. I have really good digital now, finally, a high end stereo DAC changed that for me. But I still think vinyl sounds slightly better. It blows away cheap and mid-grade digital. I love that coloration you get from the medium. I also love how vinyl releases tend to be mastered better, ie, less squashed, than digital masters of the same release. A little brightness off the top, and some grit or soul or whatever, is very welcome to my ear as well. I even like 24/96 digital vinyl rips over standard 320 kbps MP3. My turntable is not really all that fancy, but my phono preamp is actually nice (Boozehound Labs JFET). I'll listen to good digital all day, but, vinyl feels and sounds a little more special to me. Cassette is a distant third!