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Old 21st November 2006
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Some really great info here!

What about the ZOOM 1204 was cool? When I think of ZOOM products, I think most I have heard were pretty bad and goofy. What sound or patches were cool in this box that ENO may have been loving?


"He would want 6 separate fx processors with their own sends/returns which he then blended together by feeding them back to each other, etc creating a layer/canvas of treatments. He really got me into programming H3000."

What kind of H3000 programming? Did Eno go into "expert" mode in the Eventide right down to adjusting the 8 or 16 individual delays that would make up reverb and plex algorithms or would he stay closer to the surface of more general parameters and just tweak existing algorithms? What kind of effects did he mostly use the Eventide for?? Detuning and pitch shifting that it seems to be the best at or did he use it for other effects?

When hooking 6 different effects up to console sends and fader returns, what 6 effects processors would get hooked up to the sends and were all the sends feeding a single processor or were some of the processors stereo input using up two of the six sends?

Love to know some details!!

Thanks again!