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Old 20th November 2006
Lives for gear

At the time of my 1st EP: a pre g3 beige mac (bought from my friend Amon Tobin) with a m-audio 66 soundcard and cubase VST, an Akai S2000, a Mackie 1604, a POD v1, some outboard behringer stuff (compressor, denoiser, enhancer), quadraverb+ and quadraverb II, a nord lead 1,Roland jx10 and jx3p, Yamaha tx81z, waldorf 4 pole, Boss pedals...

Today: a dual G5 running Cubase SX3 + 2 UAD-1 cards, RME fireface,
outboards: Drawmer 1968, Roland stereo spring reverb (rv 800) roland stereo flanger (sbf 325) Roland space echo, MAM rs-3 resonator and vf 11 (analog vocoder), line 6 delays and modulations, waldorf 4 pole, POD XT and Bass POD XT, EH white finger.
Synths: Clavia electro 2, Roland JX10 and JX3p (both with controlers pg800 and pg300) yamaha tx81z(the best £60 ever spent), casio cz1000, Korg 700s (my all time fav' monophonic), Logan string melody II (lovely strings machine) Kawai k5000s(additive synth)
Guitars and basses: fender 65' jazzmaster and 70' Mustang, 67' Mosrite electric XII, ,75' jazz bass, 68' Mosrite ventures bass , fender bass VI (reissue),Topo G's danelectro and fender 69' mustang bass, his 58' gibson (can't remember the name) his acoustic etc... and some bits and pieces (nepalese mandal, a broken banjo, tibetan singing bowls etc...
I should received a suzuki Q chord this week i bought it with topo G on ebay (we're sharing a studio space), we are REALLY eheh xcited about it ...