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Old 22nd January 2014
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MC3 Monitor Control lowers output to KRKs

I just purchased a MC3 Monitor controller so I could go back and fourth between my KRK Rokit 8s and my Mackie MR5s while mixing, also the MC3 was supposed to have a much better quality headphone jack, and there were 3 of them so multiple people could listen to through headphones at once . The headphone jack sounds great and the output level is prefect.

However my KRKs output has become significantly reduced. I used to set the speaker knob on the back of the KRK at +3db, now I have set it to +6 and still the output level is very low.
Before I got the MC3 I was running my KRKs straight through my focusrite 2i4. The output level was great, I had a lot of headroom even on soft mixes, I didn't have to crack the master knob on my focusrite. But now since I hooked the MC3 up to the focusrite I am cracking the master know of the Focusrite and the MC3 all the way up and the output level of my KRKs is OK during loud parts and almost impossible to mix during a soft song.

I was reading in a post similar to this that maybe a small mixer would do the trick. But that post never came up with a straight answer. I am not thrilled about spending more money but if this one will solve my problem I dont mind considering it is only $20...Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.