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Old 16th January 2014
Do yourself a favor and check out the Greg Hanks BA-660 instead of the EAR unit. It is less money and you will get more. I would save the hassle in finding a new EAR 660. I don't think they build these very fast. Or even in reasonable time frames. I have used the EAR 660 more than a few times.

It was a joyful experience, but I think I would put my money in other units instead, [Hanks 660, Electronaut M97 [when it comes out] Mercury M66, InnerTUBE Atomic Squeeze, Fearn VT7, RETRO Sta, RETRO 176. And, there is the Tube Equipment Corp box..Larry's SR71, which is a stereo Variable MU of the highest order, for $7000 USD.

*Now all these units....really warm up my underpants! Just my personal taste. Don't get me wrong, I liked the EAR unit and thought it was special in sound and compression, but I just didn't find it worth all that marked up money. I personally would look elsewhere.

With a Box like the Hanks 660, you will get more for your money. And will need to spend less of it [IME: the Hanks 660 sounds bigger, badder and bolder than the EAR 660]..Also you will get good factory support on the product from a guy that really cares about his customers happiness!

This unit will give you a more extensive compressor/limiter that is just as good as the EAR unit. +Plus a Mic/Line amplifier that is truly untouchable by anything else on the planet. I hear Greg has just one unit left in stock before the next batch is produced.