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Old 14th January 2014
Here for the gear

Hi there, to make a long story short I am totally pissed with KRK. After trying to update the ERGO firmware with their AUTHORIZED software, the unit stopped working as described in previous posts. Obviously, the fw update procedure did break my Ergo. I contacted the distributor and they told me it was a – known – problem. Since the fw update takes place in the flash memory welded to the motherboard, when something goes wrong it has to be replaced. The technical staff told me it is much cheaper to replace the motherboard instead of un-welding the flash. The other solution was to buy a new Ergo. So I had to send mine to the distributor and PAY to have it fixed and so losing my mixing set up. I am mad at KRK because I did not do anything to break the unit, I just followed the instructions KRK gives along with the firmware update and voilà, my Ergo was good for the trash bin. I had to pay € 160 plus € 10 for transport. The distributor was kind enough to give me a small discount on the € 180 I was supposed to pay. It took forever to receive the unit back but in the end I have it working again – nothing was wrong before the ….ing update. Now I am left with less money in my wallet and a big grudge towards KRK and their worthless costumer care. I own seven KRK monitors, headphones and one Ergo. I had three problems with their gear in the course of time and it has been hell every time. BTW I looked forward to being able to store different calibrations for different monitor set ups I happen to work with or other places I go to when I am not in my studio. The problem is that it takes ages to save and restore the calibration saved to hard disk. And sometimes, after 20 plus minutes of calibration the saving process doesn't end well. I had the software freezing at 90% or even 96%. Does it happen to you also?