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Lives for gear

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A guy I know did some work for U2 alongside Lanois and Eno here in Dublin. I used to lap up every snippet of the stories he told about them. One thing I remember was that apparently Eno came in one day excited like a kid on xmas morning because he found some new multi FX unit he loved and brought one each in for himself, Lanois and the dude I know. It was a Zoom 1204!
I don't blame him for getting excited. They are cool little units!

Another piece of equipment that has been a big favourite with Eno in recent years are the Korg Kaos pads. He loves these things to bits and has a bunch of them. I seem to remember him saying they are his new favourite toy. The good thing about these is that they are current and therefore easy to find and pretty cheap too!

Eno's oft stated favourite piece of gear ever though is the Yamaha DX7. He's a monster programmer on that thing and uses it on practically every record. His use of fx is wonderful but a lot of the sound really comes from the fact that he programs a huge amount of material from scratch on this synth. You could get NI's FM7 (software version of the DX7) and start from there!!