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I totally agree with the suggestion to install the new OS on a second drive. Even doing a fresh install and then migrating settings and apps is cleaner than doing an upgrade, plus the previous OS is left intact.

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That may very well be true for the OP (perhaps not if he thinks about it) but I responded to your claim that "Not a single feature of OS X 10.9 makes it a better choice for professional audio recording." And that's not true.
What specifically is new to 10.9? 64 bit support has been working for years in 10.6. And 10.9 does increase maximum ram but 10.8 already allowed 96 and I doubt many audio folks needed to go beyond that.

Maybe Logic or other apps will run better on 10.9 but I haven't seen much of anything backing that up. A few features seem like they could have some potential improvements for audio apps but users will have to test and compare to see what's really going on.

Personally if I was still on 10.6 and sticking with Logic 9 I would stay.

If I was going to move up for Logic X or bought a machine that was on an OS newer than 10.6 I would probably go up to 10.9 unless I knew I had software that wasn't compatible yet. I have yet to see any of the newer OSX versions as an improvement over 10.6 but I think 10.9 is better than either .7 or .8.