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Here for the gear

There are lots of conceptual ideas that don't require notation. Here are a few:

1. Play over the bar line when you practice a fill. Instead of crashing on beat 1, crash on the 'and' of 1. Then, the next time crash on beat 2. Then the 'and' of 2 and so on.

2. Play in and out of straight and swing during your fills. Practice with a bar fill and start with 16th notes. Then go to eighth note triplets and back to 16ths or 8ths before the end of the bar. This will be uncomfortable at first but just be sure to keep good time throughout.

3. Use kick, snare and hats for this one: For linear practicing, take a radio jingle, sitcom theme or just sing a few beats. Then put each instrument (kick, snare, or hat) on each beat. It doesn't matter what order but don't hit two things at the same time. This creates some real interesting linear stuff.