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Old 31st December 2013
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Thanks for the input.

I may end up with a pair of 280s as well, or something more along that line. For now I went with the SRH840s because, all things considered, they sounded closest to the HD600s and also, when we hooked my Zune up to monitors, the monitors sounded more like the 840s than the 940s.

I understand that it might not be as easy to judge some levels, but surely it will be easier to judge others. I'm kind of keeping track of all the comments I've been seeing in case I find I tend to make certain "mistakes" in the phones.

When I finally got the 840s home, I was worried for a while because while the mid bass is fully present, the very low bass drum sounds weren't quite where they needed to be. But then I switched from my Zune to my X-Fi, and suddenly that deep bass was right up there, and in fact it's only now that I can kinda hear the very high end being a little relaxed. They're fully in my face on the Zune. Perhaps just these things will keep me from making so many errors; just knowing that good or bad amplification makes such a difference (and the X-Fi isn't nearly as good as the NRV10 or 003 I sometimes have access to). I don't know how the 940s would sound with decent amplification, but I do know that the monitors sounded more like the 840s when all were coming from the same source.

I get the sense that the 940s would be better for someone who wants to hear extra details but isn't counting on them so much for frequency balance.