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Here for the gear

Hello from Germany, i am new here but long in record business.
i´m using the 828mk2 and my traveler (both firewire) for a long long time with my old laptop acer PC and Thinkpad. Only my 828 starts has some problems with mic-cracle, software/driver cracle (all output leds are blinking in random) and no backlight at all.
I will thank you all for your postings and helps because i could repair all of this by myself.
The backlight-repair.doc in post#38 is wonderful; my backlight is on (blue-white)
The cracle in both MicroIns are gone with 100 Ohm - 1kOhm Resistors; yeah (Originally Posted by LeeYoo),

The cracle (when all output leds are on) ,software-cracle?, is gone when i simply set in the Motu Console for my 828 - to Optical In: TOS Link, but no optical cable is in. (thats my workaround)

hope I can help with my stupid english.