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Oh shoot, guys. I really screwed up. I meant to write AT4041 rather than AT4051. I actually liked what I heard of the 4041 better than the 4051(good thing, because I wouldn't be able to afford them), though there aren't that many clips of the 4051. Regardless, I appreciate all of the responses so far. Very helpful. Thanks! If you have thoughts on the 4041 instead?

As for the SM81, I actually have a pair as my current guitar mics, and I'm looking for a smoother sound. I also have an AT4050 which I use as a vocal mic, but I saw in another thread that someone likes the combination of that and an SM81 which I should have tried by now but haven't. Will do soon, but still in the market for another pair.
I think the 4050 can do a great job on acoustics .. If I rmemember right it is not a 'true LCD but a .75" diaphragm ... but so what it sounds quite good ..

I sold my O12 .. it just never felt 'fast' enough. much prefer the 4050 you already have.