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I don't own the 4050, but I use the 4047, which has a bit more presence than the 4050. I actually use the 4047 and the MK-12 together on acoustic guitar, when I need extra width on a project with few instruments.

Oktava is definitely more open on the top end, and depending upon where you place it, can sometimes sound hyped up there, so you have to be careful with it. Ironically, it also has a much heavier low end than the AT, which doesn't seem logical, due to the size of the AT diaphragm. Nevertheless, the Oktava will provide a "natural E.Q.", if you know what I mean, of increased highs and lows; whereas the 4050 will have a smoother, somewhat flatter response.

I personally love using both mics for other applications, as well, but my favorite application for the Oktava is, in fact, acoustic guitar. Especially in a heavy mix, for example, the Oktava can help the listener hear the crispness of the very high end attacks cut through. However on, a light mix with say, only piano and guitar, the AT4050 will probably prove more useful, keeping the sound less edgy / more mellow.