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Old 20th December 2013
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Here's my guess...

We all know transformers create distortion at some degree. A capacitor, resistor or FET can pretty much only sound one way. Good, or bad and if the part is bad it gets replaced. This 1176 has cheap Xicon replacement caps in it so its becoming very obvious, especially with what Kulka said earlier that it is a preamp miswire.

Building lots of 1176s myself I can tell you, there are only about 8 different combinations of mis-wiring a 1176 pre. And is a very easy spot for a tech to make a mistake and hook the transformer up incorrectly without even knowing.

More than likely the primary or secondary is wired in series instead of parallel. Just like a 1073 when you change the input impedance on the input transformer via the "SPST" you are changing the wiring of the input transformer witch also changes the impedance witch drastically changes the tone and distortion characteristics.

Old Urei UTC-12s aren't exactly hard to find on ebay...

That's just a guess