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I went to a different store to do more comparisons ... and the 840 they had THERE was *very* comfortable. What a huge difference just in going from one 840 to another. I didn't expect that.

I heard the Sennheiser 280 and wasn't digging it.

It's between the 840 and the 940. Man, they actually don't sound that different from each other, but the ways in which they do sound different make each one sound wrong after listening to the other.

What a pain in the ass those two beauties were being for me, LOL. They're both very good. The 940 doesn't sound like the DT880, just more like that than the 840. With the 940, I get some added clarity and sound stage but it's just missing some impact. The 840 has that impact, but a hair too much of it, and some atmosphere goes down.

The thing is, the Sennheiser HD600 I heard sounds, I believe, somewhere between them. But when I left the store and went to listen to the sample music in outside situations, everything sounded a lot more like it did when presented by the 840s.

This has me thinking a lot. If the 940 is technically flatter (some charts say so, others maybe not), but doesn't sound the way music will sound on anyone else's system ... I'm in kind of a pickle. I want both, damn it. :P Also, I had the thought that, whenever going from a little more treble to a little less, one will always feel they're missing something. Even if that lesser amount is actually more true. When I was in the car, I changed the settings to sound more like what I was hearing in the 940, and inevitably ended up changing them back because things just sounded better to my ears with that tiny bit more bass and less treble.

I can hear how the bass of the 840 might make it a little harder to make mixing decisions, but I don't know if that's actually a reason to get a phone that doesn't give as much response in that area. If everyone else is going to hear muddy, or just too much, bass, I'd like to hear it that way too.

But that's making assumptions about how others will have things set up. In the end, both models are very good, and the differences are not nearly as extreme as the differences going to other maker's phones. But as far as wanting the best ... it's hard to say. Golden Ears says the 840 is closer to target, says 940 is more flat, and Inner Fidelity could be read either way.

So ... to get the 840 knowing that there's a small hump in the bass guitars, or to get the 940 to hear things a little more clearly, but not necessarily with quite as good translation...