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Billy Buck, Marando, CPhoenix, Thanks so much for the input... Some great information there, exactly the kind of stuff I as looking for from people who know what the low down is with UAD.. I'm excited to start working with it as I think it will enhance my mixes and creating and make things easier too... After my limited use with some UAD stuff I know the quality is a step up from some of the native equivalents too.

What are people's opinions on the new fairchild stuff UAD just released?

Thanks again!! )
Only spend 10 minutes tops with the new Fairchild and compared it to the legacy Fairchild. I think the new plugins are very good, but what I found most interesting is that the legacy version is very good already, it's not like the difference between the legacy 1176 and new 1176 collection for example, but that's my opinion.

If you don't have the Fairchild plugin, sure, the new 660/670 is nice to have, but I would probably wait for it to have a discount. For people who already have the legacy Fairchild, I'm not so sure it's a very big step up. On the other hand, for those people it's only $149, and the 660 is pretty special.