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One thing no one tells you about is the "up sell" they offer when you register your card. They will offer you a one time opportunity to create your own bundle (like any 3 plugs for $xxx or any 4 plugs for $xxx, etc..). I can't remember the specific options but I do remember that once you go past that page/screen the offer is over so be ready to take advantage of that while your registering. It's a great way to save quite a bit.

This is what happened to me with my quad and my octo card so I'm assuming it is something they always do but I could be wrong. I'm sure if you called them they can confirm if this is something they are still doing.
Very good to know! Thanks for that.. I'll be sure to check it out and make sure I'm on the lookout for any deals of that sort..

I'm sure the analog bundle is good, I just want dip more than my toe in the water straight away if you catch my meaning.. ha.