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Oh sure, we've all experienced the glitch fest that is a machine being pushed to it's limits. At least with Pro Tools, there's the endless serious of various numbered DAE errors (waiting on slate to go AAX so I can jump to 11 for the AAE errors ), playback continuing but the GUI becoming unresponsive, all sorts of stuff. But I'm pretty sure the implication earlier was that audio quality would be compromised in some way, that wouldn't throw an error. I'm happy to be told that's not what HCYM was saying, but I think it was. Sure, if you have ignore errors turned on you may hear clicks and pops, but that is pretty damn obvious. I don't believe it's possible for a machine under load to degrade the sound in any other way, we're not talking about running a mixer waaaaay into the red and causing distortion and harmonics and all sorts of stuff. This is just math.