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Also, and correct me if I'm wrong, were you saying that a computer under load while mixing sounds different than one not under load? That also seems to be a very basically flawed theory. The numbers either add up and you have output, or it's unable to keep up and you get a drop out. There is no in between here, unless again there is some implicitly programmed in device to reduce mix resolution at certain CPU loads, which someone else would have noticed at some point, and certainly developers of various plugins, etc would have noticed this effect, and I've never heard anyone else say this.
Having just back-burnered a nearly 8 year old single core, 2 GB P4 which was my primary DAW (using Sonar 8.5) for that time, and having a big ol' plugin jones, I have to say that, if I had a big load of plugs in a project, that it could get glitchy. That's glitchy, not a change in character so much as glitches or full dropouts/PB-stoppage and such. (The most noticeable was missing hits from my old drum VI, BFD.)

Considerably different, from a tech perspective, than a change in sonic character, but a form of live playback performance degradation, nonetheless.

(Happily, Sonar has a flexible and quick track freeze so it wasn't really a big deal. And, I gotta tell you, while my new $500 quad core box is certainly faster, that old $400 refurb was blissfully quiet. The new one isn't too bad, but the old one was just really quiet. Then again, I couldn't watch HD vids on Netflix because the shared video was so wimpy. Amusingly, the new box seemed even worse at video -- UNTIL I got into add/install programs and pulled out all the Dell hand-holding-ware and outright crapware. Vids that were glitching at half-screen size now playback beautifully. WHY do these box-builders insist on loading up their systems with so much crap that they can barely perform? This is a really decent machine [slices through vid rendering!] but when I got it, between the crapware and the idiotic window 'animations' that waste time 'gently scrolling' menus and slowly fading windows, etc, it FELT like a total doggie until I got busy undoing the vendor idiocies.)